Nepal Kastamandap SS/College follows the national curricula.As, the college is affiliated to Tribhuwan University, Kritipur.The college offers the following courses accordingly:

 Master of Business Studies(MBS)

Master of Business Studies (MBS) is a postgraduate course focus on the depth knowledge developed after the successful completion of MBS makes the candidates to be the leading agents of social transformation.The objective of the MBS programme is to enable the students to work as competent managers and to meet the demand of higher level managers in organizations, particularly in the functional areas of management Upon graduation, a student should be able to function as a manager in business, Industry, government and nongovernmental sector, within and outside the country, in areas like accounting, marketing, finance and general management. The MBS programme specifically aims to:

  • Equip the students with required conceptual knowledge of business and management
  • Prepare managers in the functional areas of management.
  • Develop knowledge and skill of business environment in national and global perspective.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in the Nepalese society.
  • Develop research capability in the students

Why MBS at Nepal Kasthamandap ?

MBS program at Nepal Kasthamandap focuses on producing postgraduates who are capable of working as competent mangers in all business industries, government and non-government sectors inside and outside the country. The College is:-

  • Prepare capable and professional managers and administrators.
  • Develop required conceptual knowledge of business and management and enable them to handle their sectors deftly.
  • Enhance managerial skills for functional areas of management to produce capable manpower in different organizations.
  • Organize and conduct different researches in varied issues of management development program.
  • Involve students in different students exchange programs and also to establish link with different universities.
  • Engage students in case studies and to prepare them for carrying out different unique case studies.
  • Provide professional trainings
  • Foster entrepreneurial capabilities for affecting social change and empower them for self employment.

Admission Requirements/Processes


  • Students should have passed BBS from TU or any university recognized by TU is eligible for MBS program. OR
  • Students from any stream who have passed Bachelor Degree from TU or University recognized by TU are eligible.

Entrance exam:

  • Students joining MBS program in semester system should pass entrance exam.
  • The Faculty of Management (FOM) conducts Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) for the MBS level entrance exam.
  • The test carries full marks: 100 and time duration: 90 minutes
  • Total question: 100
  • Verbal Ability: 20 marks, Quantitative Technique: 20 marks Logically Answering: 20 marks, General Knowledge: 20 and Business and economics: 20 marks.
  • Merit list is published after the entrance exam and admission is done as per the merit list published. 


CMAT form is available at the colleges offering MBS program. Applicants should submit the form within the stipulated deadline.

CMAT Examination

CMAT exam is conducted by Faculty of Management (TU). Sample Test papers can be collected from the college along with the CMAT form.The candidate must pass CMAT exam to study MBS.

Application Form

The Applicant should fill Admission Form. Admission form is available at the college.


The Successful students should to appear the personal interview.


The successful Applicants of the exam and interview can enroll by paying the prescribed fee within the given time.

 Course details of MBS 

First year – First Semester

  1. Managerial Communication
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Managerial Economics
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Statistical Methods

First year – Second Semester

  1. Organizational Behavior
  2. Operation Research
  3. Management Accounting
  4. Business Environment
  5. Financial Management

Second year – Third Semester 

  1. Production Management
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Accounting for Decision Making and Control    
  4. Strategic Management
  5. Entrepreneurship

Second year – Fourth Semester 

  1. Finance(Three Subjects)
  2. Marketing(Three Subjects)
  3. Accountancy(Three Subjects)
  4. Management(Three Subjects)
  5. Thesis