Peshal Luitel

I am profoundly happy to announce the inception of Nepal Kasthamandap College a regional, national and international need as it has shown enough indicators of new era in education. In the period of ten years, the college is successful to shelter within the heart of topper and bright students and become the one of the best institution to impart quality education.

The college is obviously the result of social need, intellectual maturity, and clairvoyant vision to produce capable manpowers, participation in nation building process and relentless inspirations and guidelines by the academicians, professionals and well-wishers.

Furthermore, the outstanding history followed by excellent result and recorded position in ECAs have demonstrated Kasthamandap as a weapon to split darkness, a hub of learning, station to travel, a fertile land for unlocking the door of opportunities, a place to inculcate culture and discipline, a ocean of knowledge and brightness and a bridge to link life and education. Therefore, the life of students will be fun-filled and mission-oriented.

In this marvelous background of action and vision, we want to create new dimensions in education as it is cent percent built upon the principle of professionalism, rapport, togetherness and brotherhood.

Hence, the college is fully bedecked with necessary requirements; staunch and dedicated faculty disciplined and directed students and conducive environment. Therefore, we are bound to fly the flag of our success on the apex of Mt. Everest.

Eventually, I whole-heartedly express my gratitudes to all the guardians, teachers, well-wishers, students for making what Kasthamandap is at present and also wish to see determined graduates as Kasthamandapians.

Thank You !