Dhurba Regmi

Vice- Principal



Dear Students!

Welcome to Nepal Kasthamandap College!!

It is the matter of great pride and excitement for me to welcome you all students to our college. The college aims at providing quality education followed by social, practical life skills to the students. We have done our best to make students professionally sound, academically vibrant and socially adjustable and competitive in every sphere of human life. Similarly, we equally encourage the students to be responsible, self-reliant, and mission and vision focused.

So as to do that and ensure the college as one of the best academic institutions. We have highly energetic management team, qualified and dynamic faculty members, standard infrastructures, and sound administration and more importantly the college is guided by professionalism, dynamism and academic standards.

So, the college has proven as one of the best institutions in a decade period by producing toppers in different levels and streams. The geometrical increment of students’ numbers and programs run by the college have justified the academic excellence and trustworthiness of the guardians and the students. The college equally prioritizes the ECA and CCA to expose the hidden potentials of the students.

I, therefore on this successful academic background, sincerely request our all guardians, well-wishers and upcoming students to visit the college, go into the reality and pursue higher education through the academic temple- Nepal Kasthamandap College!!