Dr. Bishnu Pd. Neupane

So as to impart quality education with a new vision, Nepal Kasthamandap SS/College, a natural outcome of institutional expansion of education system of our country, is a complete package for academic excellence to the prospective students. The college, amassing of professional teachers, experts of different walks of life, bankers, entrepreneurs and industrialists with clairvoyant vision, merely targets at penetrating into the ignorance spread over the Nepali horizon through its incessant endeavours by providing need and practical based education to the ones who pursue its door for quality education.

The prime motive of education is to turn darkness and ignorance into the light of enlightment. Therefore, we are, through Kasthamandap, offering education which will unquestionably be a students’ passport to understanding and success. So as to address it, an expedition has been made with the establishment of Kasthamandap in a profoundly serene location stationed at Kalanki, Kathmandu.

Beside excellant academic quality, the college inculcates a respect for tradition (moral education) and enforces discipline and good manners to the students. Similarly, the college also encourages students to learn about themselves and their constantly changing environment by
offering support and guidance so that they would practise decision making and social skills.

With these, I would like to thank our valued guardians/parents, faculties and students for being with us and also whole-heartedly welcome the new comers to be a part of Kasthamandap

Thank you !